Macassar Ebony

Macassar Ebony (Diospyros celebica)


Common Names: Macassar Ebony, Striped Ebony, Amara Ebony


Distribution: Southeast Asia


Color/Appearance: Heartwood has a dramatic striped appearance, somewhat similar to Zebrawood. Yellow to reddish brown body with darker brown or black stripes.  Sharply demarcated sapwood is a pale gold color.


Janka Hardness: 3,220 lbf


Density: 5.83 lb/b.f.


Allergies/Toxicity: Although severe reactions are quite uncommon, Ebony in the Diospyros genus has been reported as a sensitizer and Macassar Ebony has been specifically reported to cause skin irritation


Controlled species: CITES: no, IUCN: yes


Common Uses: Veneer, high-end cabinetry, billiard cues, musical instruments and other small specialty items.





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