Carribean Rosewood block


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Planks of various sizes of this species (4/4) are available. Prices and qty available in store only

Our inventory is subject to prior sales. Prices may change without notice

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** Photos of wood blanks and other dimensioned wood are for a representation of the color and grain after sanding and finishing the surface. The surface condition of wood blanks actually shipped may be rough on one or more sides and/or be wax coated. Actual color and grain of the pieces shipped will vary.

** The dimensions of wood turning blanks are ± 1/8″ (3.175mm) accurate to the advertised dimension unless otherwise specified.

** “Natural Edge” pieces (slabs) and “Hand Picked” (one of a kind) pieces will have specific item numbers assigned. The item number purchased will be exactly what will be shipped with no substitutes.

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