Black Willow

Black Willow (Salix nigra)



Common names: Swamp willow, Goodding willow, Southwestern black willow, Dudley willow, and Sauz



Distribution : Eastern North America



Color/appearance : Heartwood is a reddish or grayish brown, sometimes with darker streaks. The sapwood is white to tan.



Janka hardness: 430 lbf



Density: 2.15 lbf



Allergies/Toxicity: There have been very few adverse health effects associated with the actual wood of willow (Salix genus), however, the bark and other parts of the tree have been reported as sensitizers. Usually most common reactions simply include skin and respiratory irritation



Sustainability: CITES: NO, IUCN: NO



Common Uses: Baskets, utility wood, crates, furniture, carvings, and other small specialty wood items.





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